Welcome to Andremax Trading We earned our trusted reputation by delivering excellence and always honoring our commitments with clients and the many facets of our supply chain.

We use the skills acquired through our experience to exceed our clients’ existing and future needs. Every trade inquiry is valued as a new business opportunity to ensure we meet the expectations of all clients we do business with.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting us. We established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and supplier not only provide immediate and reliable service but to continually exceed expectations and goal. We create commercial flows, import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our partners.



ANDREMAX strives for excellence in the execution of all of our business processes. We focus on quality work and client satisfaction and we achieve this by paying attention to details and efficient execution.

Infrastructure and Responsibility

We have modernized factory layout which reduces the product damage & loss while Loading, Unloading of material It is our responsibility to create a zero-landfill rate recycling center. We have an obligation to teach our employees and the public thorough recycling and reusing process. We want to make the earth our home, a better place for all humankind. We have an excellent track record in sales and distribution of brands. Our unparalleled scale ensures optimum efficiency and helps us achieve attractive trade terms. We use our extensive capillary distribution network, knowledge of the market and long-term relationships with customers to ensure speed-to-market and increase visibility and availability of your products. We are constantly innovating our service offering by investing in platforms such as our global IT infrastructure and e-commerce channels.

Our Core Values 


Our customers can trust our services because we act with integrity and do what is right 

Excellence in Service

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our team members have a desire to exceed the service expectations of the customer. 


The safety of our people, the environment, and property are our priorities.

Western standards of corporate governance

The Company is focused on good corporate governance and intends to achieve standards comparable to well-governed Western companies. The Management of Agro Trading is responsible for setting and reviewing the strategy and approving major Company financial documents, including the annual budget and business plan. Two independent non-executive directors are present on the four-member Board, which meets at least two times per year.

Increase supply Chain and capasities

The Company plans to further increase its supply capacities through the acquisition and construction of good business ties, in proportion to its planned expansion of its supply. Management believes that self-sufficiency in supply capasity enables the Company to achieve better pricing terms for its Product supply than can otherwise be obtained at Production time.

Manageable Expansion of its Operation Surface

The Company intends to further expand its supply scale by continuing to increase its capacity rights to other party of the country, particularly in areas near its  facilities and further in the medium and long term, Agro Trading management intends to manage ably expand its ties with other companies with huge output capacity of natural growth by joining force with them so as to help increase output and enhance concentrated fertile soils for better quality product supply.

Diversified Categories  

NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer

Timothy Hay

Aluminum Engine Block


Orange Charcoal

Mobile Phone Scrap


99.9% organic

We share strong connection with our manufacturers who supply us the optimum quality wood,Livestock, Charcoal, Coal, Scrap and Alloy Scrap as per customer demand.

“Good service and reactive at short notice to our requests. What’s really good is that Bimotak Company Ltd can react at short notice to turnaround major requests. As a new customer of AndreMax Trading ltd, I have found them very passionate about understanding and meeting our needs.” 

Xnack Kindley

It was very convenient doing business with you guys and the customer service is very reactive. I will say Bravo, and may you continue with this good work, and i hope we keep doing business as long as i live.

Harley Danzuki

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